Bantex Strong-Line® Lever Arch Files can be used year after year. The solid ring binder is noted for its double protective PP/PVC film base, which both protects the shelves and the Lever Arch File itself from wear and tear. The mechanism is also so solid that it can withstand many years’ use and a heavy weight load. In recognition of the fact that our products are used by customers for many years, our concept includes the possibility of purchasing loose spine labels in matching colours, as well as to design and print out your own spine labels using the Bantex Print programme, which is free and easy to use.
We now also offer a 5-year guarantee on both the mechanism and the double protective PP/PVC film base. The guarantee comes into effect on 1st Dec 2012.

Guarantee on the double PP/PVC film base
The quality is not only apparent in the fact that the durability of the ring binder is top notch. We have taken things a step further and also look after your furniture. Many Lever Arch Files have metal trim to protect the base. We believe that it is far more important to protect your expensive furniture. Bantex Strong-Line® therefore has a double soft PP film base, which protects both your Lever Arch File and your furniture. The guarantee is valid for five years.

Guarantee on the mechanism
We have tested the mechanisms in the Bantex Strong-Line® Lever Arch Files. It is important that the mechanism closes properly and that the Lever Arch File stands straight on the shelf – even with a heavy load. We have tested with a load of 2 kg (corresponding to 400 sheets of 80 g paper) and Bantex Strong-Line® Lever Arch Files meet this quality requirement with no problem.

“Normal use” of a Lever Arch File can be summarised as follows

  1. A Lever Arch File is a filing product designed for filing papers with or without plastic pockets and register / tabbed dividers.
  2. The Lever Arch File should be stored on a stable surface so that it is not subjected to an uneven load.
  3. Each Lever Arch File can contain a certain amount of documents, which varies according to the size chosen.
    Bantex Strong-Line® Lever Arch File 5 cm spine: 1.25 kg / 250 sheets 80 g paper
    Bantex Strong-Line® Lever Arch File 8 cm spine: 2 kg / 400 sheets 80 g paper
  4. The Lever Arch File is used in a work-related or home environment, in ‘normal’ humidity and with a temperature lower than 50 °C.
  5. The Lever Arch file folder should be stored on shelves without protection rim, which may cause the bottom of the Lever Arch File is torn up.
  6. Damage caused by ‘force majeure’ is not covered by this guarantee scheme.
In the unlikely event of a claim for damage to the base or mechanism within five years of the date of purchase, we are happy to replace the Lever Arch File.
The Lever Arch File rand proof of purchase (receipt) should be sent to our Customer Service Department at the address below.
Within a short period of time, you will receive a new Lever Arch File. Should the colour of the ring binder be discontinued, you will be offered another colour of your choice.

For complaints
If, contrary to expectations, within 5 years from date of purchase, a complaint to the bottom or the mechanism, we will exchange with a smile.
LAF and proof of purchase must be submitted to our customer, at the address below.
They will shortly receive a new file folder. If the color of the file folder be longer on the market, they will be offered another color of your choice.

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Bantex Strong-Line® values:
  • Double PP/PVC foil base – protects the ring binder and furniture
  • Rado system – stabilises the mechanism and ensures that the ring binder stands straight
  • Strong mechanism which closes precisely, even with a heavy load (tested with 2 kg of paper)
  • Colour concept developed with an understanding of the market trends and interior design
  • Matching colours from category to category: journal boxes, quotation folders, etc.
  • Matching spine labels with print on both sides
  • Produced with consideration for the environment from PP/PVC foil and recycled cardboard. Long durability, can be reused again and again
  • Possibility for purchase of loose spine labels for reuse
  • Bantex print for easy and personal printing of spine labels
  • 5-year guarantee on double PP/PVC film base and mechanism!
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